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What's it for?

RotaRota is a free and easy to use service that allows charities, churches, youth groups, sporting clubs and other organisations to get commitment from their volunteers.

Tying even the most willing volunteers down to specific dates and times can be time consuming and prone to mis-understandings and short handed-sessions.

As an Organiser using RotaRota, easily create a Campaign, with Events and Activities, then share a simple link and Passkey with your community and have them self-register to take part. It takes away the endless phone calls, email circulars and double-bookings and allows people to put their name down to help when it is easy and convenient for them to do so.

Really Free?

YES! RotaRota is totally free to use but we will be bringing out a low subscription version that has additional features such as;

Send your volunteers a timely reminder when their sessions are imminent.
Keep all your volunteers on-side with automated mail shots
A paid subscription means that no one has to see any advertising whilst participating in your campaign
Large campaigns are rarely run by one person, with a paid plan, give others access to the controls!

Drop us a line through the contact form if you are interested in the paid-for enhancements

Sign Me Up!

Register for an account here. You can register first as a volunteer and then convert your account to be an organiser.


Already have an account? Just use the button below, or the Login link at the top of every page

As an Organiser, how would I use RotaRota ?

Create an Account
Picture of register

Sign up to RotaRota

Simply click on the 'Become a User' button on the home page. A short form will appear. All we need at this stage is your name, email address and a password that you would like to use. You will need to agree to our terms, but these are very straight forward.

You will then be directed to your user dashboard. On this screen is a panel inviting you to become an organiser. Click this button and proceed to the next step.

validating the email address

Verify your email address

Within a few minutes, you should recieve an email from RotaRota. If this does not appear, please check your email address is correct. Change it in your user settings if necessary and press the button to activate your organiser account again.

When you have the email from us, just click on the link provided. This will verify that we have the correct address for you. Your Organiser account is now active.

Create your first Campaign
Campaign screen

Create a new Campaign

A Campaign is a collection of events that will happen at a similar time, or are similar in nature. For instance, for a fundraiser, a Campaign could be a sequence of events for which you need volunteers such as a weekend collection at a supermarket. You share the details of the Campaign with your Volunteers, and when they access the RotaRota they see all the events they can sign up for in one screen.

To create your first campaign, simply click 'Add a new campaign'. Fill in a few details such as the 'slug' (the link through which volunteers access your Campaign) and a passkey.

Creating an event

Create your first event

An event is a group of activities on a particular calendar day. So in the example of a weekend collection at a supermarket, each day would be a seperate event.

Enter a few details about your event such as a name, the date, any joining instructions such as where to meet etc

Add shifts
Add shifts

Create shifts within the Event

Depending on the nature of your event, and its length, its possible that you will need to break the event down into several periods of time. You may decide that a collector or volunteer should not work for more than 2 hours.

Break the event down into manageable chunks. Just set a start and an end time for each shift.

Add activities

Add some Activities within the shift

Activities are the actual duties that your volunteers will perform. You can create as many activities as required, each with its own name. Later, volunteers will put their names against the individual activities.

Simply enter a name for the activity in the box. Add more fields if required.

Expand your campaign
Expand your Campaign

Add more events, shifts and activities to your Campaign

Flesh out the Campaign with all the Events, Shifts and Activities that you require. You can add more at any time and there is no limit. If the number of events gets unweildy, consider creating a different campaign.

You can have as many Campaigns as you like, so if manning a charity shop for instance, you could create a campaign for each month. Campaigns can be linked and your volunteers easily jump from one campaign to another.

Launch your Campaign

Open up your Campaign to your volunteers

Once you have the Events in place with Shifts and Activities, you can launch your Campaign. All you need to do is just pass on the link to your Campaign and the Passkey.

Volunteers do not need to create an account, they can just follow the link you give them and enter their names in available Activities.

Volunteers can create an account if they want - this allows them to see a list of their personal commitments and allows the Organiser to send out messages about the events.

Start your next Campaign!